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Automotive Repair Tools

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Automotive repair tools include the following categories: 1. Electrical repair tools 2. Tire repair tools 3. Lubrication equipment and tools 4. Engine repair tools 5. Body interior repair tools 6 Chassis maintenance tools, etc
Electrical maintenance tools are mainly aimed at battery maintenance, including car test pens, battery connection cables, battery chargers, battery rust removal pliers, etc
Tire repair tools mainly include jacks, air gun wrenches, air gun sleeves, tire wrenches, tire repair pads, rubber cleaning agents, etc
Lubrication tools include Grease gun, grease gun tube, Grease gun nozzle, oil pot, etc
Engine maintenance tools include filter wrenches, belt wrenches, spark plug sockets, timing tools, piston ring pliers, etc
Body interior repair tools include sheet metal hammer, sheet metal lining iron, sheet metal shaping file, panel disassembly tool, glass suction cup, glass sealing strip tool, wooden handle scraper, etc
Chassis maintenance tools include repair lying boards, sleeve sets (including ratchet wrenches, sleeves, screwdriver sleeves, hexagonal sockets, extension rods, etc.), bearing pullers, pullers, brake maintenance tools, etc
What brand of home toolbox is good
The toolbox can be divided into plastic toolbox and metal toolbox (including iron, aluminum, etc.) according to the material. Most commonly used toolbox materials in households are made of plastic.
The most important parameter for determining the quality of a torque wrench is accuracy. Conventional torque wrenches have an accuracy of 3%, but few can achieve an accuracy of 2% or even 1%.

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