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Starting from 2009, with years of growth, Suzhou Newstar Hardware Co.,Ltd. is commiteed to becomming a very reliable partner in the field of Tools Set, including Hand Tools Set, Power Tools Set, Garden Tools Set, Tool Cabinet, Auto Repair Tools Set, Household Tools Set and advanced OEM capacity of various tools. The tool kits have already sold to overseas - Europe, Mid-east, Russia, Asia, America, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries with good feedback and stable relationship for more than 10 years.
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According to the different tracks of tool trolleys, they can be divided into monorail tool trolleys, double rail tool trolleys, and three section guide rail tool trolleys. There are not only such differences between the two, but also corresponding differences in bearing weight, application fields, a

02 June 2023

With the enchancment of people's necessities for high-quality of life, Household Tool Set units have end up an essential section of modern-day families. Household Tool Set multifunctional equipment are no longer solely handy to carry, however additionally thoroughly practical and can meet the wants

28 January 2024

There are many kinds of pliers, and they are widely used. They are an indispensable Hand Tool for clamping and cutting workpieces in various industries such as assembly, repair and installation. However, it has a common basic structure, that is, any hand pliers is composed of three parts: a pliers h

29 August 2022
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Newstar Hardware, Professional Tools Kit Manufacturer And Export Expert.




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