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Hand Tool Set? Single Tools? - for household tool set

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Hand Tool Set or single tools?
Hardware tools such as wrenches and pliers are essential for every household. Some people prefer to buy tools piece by piece, while others prefer to buy a family set combination. Which of these two methods is better?
When you need a tool, buy it again. If you don't need it, don't buy it. This purchasing method may seem very economical, but if you buy a single item in large quantities, it's definitely not as cheap as buying a complete set. And if you buy a Household Tool Set, there won't be any temporary madness. If the water pipe at home leaks and you buy tools such as wrenches, drivers, and pliers, it's difficult to calculate the cost of wasted time, labor, and losses.
Additionally, tools purchased individually are easily lost. The used screwdriver was easily released, but when used again, it was nowhere to be found, so I had to buy another one, which is equivalent to paying double the cost. If you are a person who loses everything, the cost is even harder to calculate. Buying a household Tool Set eliminates this hassle. Putting used tools in a tool box is no longer afraid of losing them, which is equivalent to a disguised cost savings.

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