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1. Ordinary screwdriver
It is a screwdriver with head and handle, which is easy to prepare and can be used as long as it is taken out. However, since there are many different lengths and thicknesses of screws, sometimes it is necessary to prepare many different screwdrivers.
2. Combined screwdriver
The utility model relates to a screwdriver that separates a screwdriver head from a handle. When installing different types of screws, it is only necessary to replace the screwdriver head, and it is not necessary to bring a large number of screwdrivers. The advantage is that it can save space, but it is easy to lose the screwdriver head.
3. Electric screwdriver
Electric screwdriver, as the name implies, is to install and remove screws with an electric motor instead of a hand, usually a combination screwdriver.
4. Watch driver
It belongs to a precision screwdriver, which is often used to repair hand band clocks and watches, so it has this name.
5. Small diamond screwdriver
The head handle and body length are smaller than those of commonly used screwdrivers, and are not clock drivers.
In terms of its structural shape, there are usually the following types:
1. Straight. This is the most common one. Head models include straight, cross, meter, t (plum blossom), H (hexagon), etc.
2. L shape. It is commonly seen in hexagon screwdriver, and its longer rod is used to increase the torque, so as to save labor.
3. T shape. It is widely used in the auto repair industry.
Head type
Screwdriver head type classification:
According to the different head types, the screwdriver can be divided into a word, a cross, a meter, a star (computer), a square head, a hexagon head, a Y-shaped head, etc. among them, a word and a cross are the most commonly used in our life, such as installation and maintenance. It can be said that the screwdriver is used wherever there are screws.
Hexagon head is rarely used, and Allen wrench is commonly used. For example, many screws on some machines are provided with hexagonal holes, which is convenient for multi angle force application. There are not many large star shaped ones. Small star shaped ones are often used for disassembling and repairing mobile phones, hard disks, notebooks, etc. we call small screwdrivers clock and watch batch, and commonly use star shaped T6, T8, cross pH0, ph00 and so on.
Head representation: one word slotted
Phillips cross
Meter Pozi
Star type Torx
Manufacturing material:
The screwdriver has no round head, because the round head has no torque at all. One word is to ensure that there is torque, and the cross can make the force more evenly distributed. According to the power source, there are manual screwdriver and electric screwdriver; It is divided into flat head and Phillips according to the batch head or cutter head.
The head of a high-quality screwdriver is made of spring steel with high hardness. A good screwdriver should be hard but not brittle, hard but tough. When the opening of the screw head becomes bald and slippery, you can knock the screwdriver with a hammer to make the groove of the screw deeper so that the screw can be unscrewed. The screwdriver should be intact; A screwdriver is often used to pry things, which requires a certain degree of toughness without bending. In general, it is hoped that the hardness of the screwdriver head is greater than HRC60 and is not easy to rust.
Align the special shaped end of the screwdriver with the top recess of the screw, fix it, and then start to rotate the handle.
According to the specification standard, clockwise rotation is embedded; Counterclockwise rotation is loose. (in rare cases, the opposite is true.)
A slotted screwdriver can be used for cross screws. However, the cross screw has strong deformation resistance.
Maintenance measures
(1) The blade of the screwdriver must be ground correctly, and the two sides of the blade should be parallel as much as possible. If the blade is tapered, the blade will easily slide out of the screw slot when turning the screwdriver.
(2) Do not grind the head of the screwdriver too thin or into other shapes except square.
(3) Be careful when grinding the screwdriver on the grinding wheel. It will soften the sharp edge of the screwdriver due to overheating. Wear goggles when grinding.

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