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Socket Material

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Socket refers to the abbreviation of Socket Wrench. There are also three common materials, the first is chromium molybdenum steel, the second is vanadium steel, and the third is 45 steel. Let's take a look at the introduction of sleeve materials. Sleeve materials are classified according to materials.

Material Science:

1. Socket refers to the abbreviation of socket wrench. A special tool for tightening or loosening screws. It is composed of several inner hexagonal sleeves and one or several handles of the upper sleeve. The inner hexagonal edges of the sleeve are arranged in order according to the model of the bolt and can be selected as required. The utility model relates to a water supply pipe connecting fitting, which can be used for connecting steel pipes and cast iron pipes.

2. Rebar connecting sleeve is a special product used for mechanical connection of rebar. It is divided into cold extrusion sleeve, cone thread sleeve and straight thread sleeve.

3. Generally, the commonly used manual sleeve is made of chrome vanadium steel, with the grade of 50BV30, while the pneumatic sleeve is generally made of chrome molybdenum steel, with the grade of 35CrMo. Of course, 40ACr can also be made, with slightly poor rigidity.

4. Adopting international 45 steel, special manufacturing process, high dimensional accuracy and reliable quality.

5. Connectable Ф 16- Ф 40mm HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed bars.

6. After being tested by the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, it has reached the class I joint standard in jgj107-2003.

7. There are three series of standard type, positive and negative thread type and reduced diameter type, with 52 varieties, which can meet the needs of connecting reinforcement with the same diameter, different diameter and adjustable length and direction in the horizontal, vertical and oblique parts of the building structure.

1. Chrome molybdenum steel is an alloy of chromium (CR), molybdenum (MO), iron (FE) and carbon (c). It has good high-temperature processing performance, beautiful appearance after processing, deep quenching and good impact absorption performance. Therefore, it is often used to manufacture pneumatic tools and large-scale manual tools in the industry.

2. Chrome vanadium steel is an alloy tool steel added with chrome vanadium alloy elements, which is mainly used in manual tools.

3. 45 # carbon steel, i.e. 45 steel, with carbon content of 0. About 45% of them have become common processing materials in steel due to good processing performance and multi-directional processing technology. Among the above materials, Cr Mo (chromium molybdenum steel) is the best material for the sleeve.

The raw materials of the sleeve must be carefully purchased, which is very important for the finished product. Of course, when we buy sleeves, we should not only look at the materials, but also pay attention to the surface of the sleeve. Sleeves whose specifications do not meet the national standards are regarded as inferior sleeves, and sleeves with scratches are also regarded as "defective".

In addition to the external, the internal is also very important. The weight of a sleeve also plays an important role. Its hardness should be tested and purchased, otherwise it will affect our work and safety at work.

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