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Tool Cabinet

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The tool cart is applicable to the fixed management of tools, tools and parts in the production site, so that your goods can be stored and stored on time, accurately, efficiently and with low consumption.
1. High strength structure design and powder spraying surface treatment process can adapt to the complex working environment of the factory.
2. It is equipped with high-quality bearings and guide rails to ensure that the drawer can be opened and closed easily and smoothly under rated load.
3. Drawers of different heights can be freely selected and configured according to the needs to fully meet the needs of the production site.
4. The top frame with oil proof rubber pad can be configured to protect the placed articles from damage and prevent the articles from slipping.
5. The lock is advanced, and all drawers can be locked with only one lock to ensure the safety of goods.
6. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with foot pads to protect the cabinet from damage when it is placed or moved, which is convenient for handling with forklift.
A variety of surface colors to meet the needs of the overall layout of the production site
7. Full width aluminum alloy drawer handle and replaceable label, beautiful, convenient and practical.
8. Advanced drawer safety buckle design ensures that the drawer will not slide out accidentally after closing.
9. There are four international standard colors for selection (ral5005, ral5015, ral6011, ral7035) to meet the needs of the overall layout of the production site.
10. Adopt the internationally advanced lock, which can lock all drawers with only one lock to ensure the safety of articles.
11. With the bottom frame and high-quality casters, it is stable and has good directionality. It will not slide after the brake is fixed.
12. The advanced interlocking device can automatically lock other drawers when opening one drawer, so as to prevent the cabinet from tilting due to all the drawers being opened.
13. The worktop of the tool cart adopts unique injection molding, with higher strength.
14. The central lock adopts a ring-shaped key structure, which can prolong the service life of the lock.
15. The four corners of the tool car are equipped with anti-collision strips made of new composite materials, which can effectively buffer the damage caused by accidental collision.
16. The heavy wheel of the tool truck, with a diameter of 125mm, is easier to cross obstacles.
17. The table top has a special small groove, which can be used to hold butter and other liquids for easy use.
18. Rich tool modules can be stored in the drawer of the tool cart.
19. Both sides of the drawer adopt superimposed ball slide rails, which have excellent smoothness.
20. Each drawer of the tool cart has a self-locking function.
21. The double-layer steel plate design with mesh plate and steel plate inside is adopted on both sides of the tool car to make the car body more solid and durable.

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