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What Is Hand Tools?

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Hand Tools can be divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, sleeves, cutting, scissors, sets, and auxiliary tools such as tool trucks, etc. each type has different models.

Wrenches include open-end wrench (mechanical hand), double ring wrench, ratchet wrench (quick wrench), dual-purpose wrench (compound wrench), oil pipe wrench, T-type Socket Wrench, cross socket wrench, adjustable wrench and other categories;

Pliers include steel wire pliers, pointed nose pliers, oblique nose pliers, retaining ring pliers, carp pliers, water pump pliers, pipe pliers, pliers and other categories;

Screwdriver has a word, cross, meter word, hexagon, pattern and other categories;

Sleeves are divided into ordinary sleeves, flower sleeves (E-type sleeves), driver sleeves (bit sleeves), spark plug sleeves, and strong sleeves. According to the specification, there are three common specifications, i.e. 1 / 4 ", 3 / 8" and 1 / 2 ", which are in inches; At the same time, the specifications are divided into 6-angle sleeve and 12 angle sleeve;

Hammers include sheep horn hammer, fitter hammer, round head hammer, rubber hammer and installation hammer;

Cutting categories include file, diamond file, iron sheet scissors, aviation scissors, art knives, square pipe saws, pipe cutters, wire cutters and other categories;

In terms of material, there are Luoyang vanadium steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

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