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The domestic machine tool market set off a wave of automation to reduce labor costs

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Abstract: China has grown into the world's largest machine tool market. In order to cope with the high labor costs, improve and stabilize the quality of products during mass production, it has set off a wave of automation in China.

The 12th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2011) was held in Beijing from April 11 to 16, 2011. China has grown into the world's largest machine tool market, and many large machine tool manufacturers and tool manufacturers in Japan have participated in this exhibition. In addition to the dedicated models in emerging markets that pursue high return on investment, they also showcase high value-added models that have not been recognized in the Chinese market. One of the keywords is "automation."

Not only the price, but also the quality
The surge in automation requirements, in addition to the need for additional workpiece handling, disassembly devices, and robotic single machine tool systems, is also reflected in the high demand for high-performance machine tools. The workpieces that need to be machined with multiple machine tools can now be used in one multi-axis lathe, which can shorten the working cycle.

Mitsubishi Corporation's subsidiary, Ryosho (Shanghai) Trading Co., exhibited the company's North China Machinery (headquarters: Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture) horizontal processing center (MC) with the Chinese market sales rights, and Nakamura's precision industry (Headquarters: Multi-purpose processing machine in Baishan City, Ishikawa Prefecture). The reason is that Akagi Akashi of Mitsubishi's Technos Industrial Equipment Business Unit judged that “although horizontal MCs with higher prices than vertical MCs have not been sold well in the Chinese market, after highlighting the features that can be easily automated, There are more and more users who recognize the horizontal MC."

In addition to the high labor costs, the background of this change is the product quality that manufacturers hope to improve and stabilize mass production. Because it is difficult to increase the retention rate of factory employees, it is not suitable for Chinese companies to maintain high quality through the experience and technology of employees. For Chinese component manufacturers with large orders, it is necessary to invest in automation equipment in the case of higher quality requirements. "I have recently been surprised by the price we have reported," said Oshima Hirai, director of the strategy department of the composite processing machine of Longze Iron Works.

"Automation is getting more and more attention, so as the main push model in the future" (Murata Machinery AsiaTurning sales director Takahashi Yuichi), Murata Machinery exhibited the parallel twin-axis NC lathe "MW120". According to Murata Machinery, customers have consulted on the specific part shape and precision at the exhibition.

However, the industry's views are different for the extent to which automation needs have soared. Some Japanese manufacturers said, "It is expected that the automation equipment market will expand in a few years, but there is no balance in terms of return on investment, so few companies import." According to reports, in order to facilitate automation in the future, users who are adopting scalable configurations when importing external devices are steadily increasing.

Among Chinese manufacturers, only a few companies have focused on automation. One of them is the Dalian machine tool. In recent years, the company has mainly provided automation systems to automotive related manufacturers. At the venue, the company exhibited an automated system that connected three horizontal MC "MDH50A" to process the cylinder block (CylinderBlock). At present, automation systems account for about 30% of the company's sales. According to the introduction of Dalian Machine Tool, the products are mainly supplied to Chinese manufacturers.  

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