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Precautions and Safety tips for hand tools

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Precautions for Hand Tools
Before use, hand tools must be checked for damage. Unsafe tools should not be used.
2. Keep the tools clean, especially the grip part of the tools, to avoid slipping and falling out of the workshop.
3. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as eye masks, gloves, etc.
4. Use hand tools in the correct posture and technique, with a stable and safe output, and do not use excessive force.
5. When using sharp tools, do not turn the blade or sharp parts towards others.
6. When not in use, the tool should be protected by wrapping the blade or sharp part with protective material to avoid carrying the tool by hand or putting it in the pocket.
7. Hand tools should not be misused for other purposes.
8. Understand the characteristics of various hand tools and use them correctly.
Safety tips for carrying hand tools
1. When carrying hand tools, they should be placed in a dedicated strap, Tool Bag, or tool bucket, not in the pocket of clothes, nor inserted on the belt.
2. For temporarily unused tools, they should be stored in an appropriate location and placed steadily to prevent them from falling off and injuring people. They should not be placed on scaffolding, overhead pipelines, or mechanical moving parts.
3. Operators should transfer tools hand in hand and not throw them; When passing tools with sharp edges, the handle should be facing the person receiving the tool.

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