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Tool Trolley Different Types

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According to the different tracks of tool trolleys, they can be divided into monorail tool trolleys, double rail tool trolleys, and three section guide rail tool trolleys. There are not only such differences between the two, but also corresponding differences in bearing weight, application fields, and prices.

Firstly, in terms of load-bearing capacity, the average load-bearing capacity of monorail tool trolleys is generally around 80 to 100 kilograms, while the load-bearing capacity of dual rail tool cars is around 120 to 160 kilograms. The load-bearing capacity of three rail tool trolleys is relatively light, usually around 40 kilograms.

2. In terms of application, the drawer in a monorail Tool Trolley can generally be opened within a range of about 18.15%, mainly for loading some medium-sized objects; The drawer of the dual track tool cart can be fully opened, and the items loaded are usually heavy tools. The opening range of the three track tool cart is about 70%, and some lightweight materials, parts, tools, etc. can be placed.

3. In terms of price, there is a significant difference between monorail tool trolleys, double rail tool trolleys, and three rail tool trolleys. This is why people usually choose which rail type tool trolley based on the weight of the material.

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